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Consulting Structural and Civil Engineering Company

K2 Design Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers

K2 Design delivers quality, industry-leading civil and structural engineering services to businesses and individuals in Derry/Londonderry, Donegal, Belfast, Northern Ireland and across the UK and Ireland.

Working with a wide and varied client base, our engineers have a wealth of experience collaborating on civil and structural engineering projects with architects, builders, commercial contractors, and domestic clients.

Our experience, spanning almost 30 years within the engineering and construction industry, means we successfully support project delivery through unparalleled structural and civil engineering services; whether that’s complex 3D design, pre-build consultation work, surveys and reports, or full scale engineering projects.

Traditionally providing valued engineering design services to the local Derry/Londonderry and the North West areas, we have expanded our company to bring our services to the wider Northern Ireland market, offering invaluable consulting civil and structural engineering services, as well as temporary works design and structural surveys, inspections and reports.

With a wealth of experience and many successful projects under our belt, our client base is constantly growing year on year. We are always looking to meet new clients, and our reputation for offering a prompt and professional service means that we also have many clients who will only use K2 Design for their civil and structural design needs time and time again.


At K2 Design, we offer a comprehensive range of services as consulting structural and civil engineers, covering all of Northern Ireland. At K2 Design, our commitment is to offer professional, straightforward, and top-tier services to our clients. No matter what your vision is, we are here to bring your projects to life with unmatched expertise, covering all of Northern Ireland.

Structural Engineering Services

K2 are a one-stop solution for diverse structural engineering needs. In land development, we specialize in both urban and rural projects, emphasizing sustainability. Transportation engineering covers precise design for roads, railways, airports, and transit infrastructures. Water resources management includes the design of water supply networks, wastewater treatment, and stormwater systems.

Civil Engineering Services

K2 are a one-stop solution for diverse civil engineering needs. Proficient in designing and analyzing structures, we ensure their resilience against external forces, spanning general and specialized buildings, domestic beam designs, and more. Thorough structural assessments determine condition and load-bearing capacities for construction longevity.



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